Simple Staging for Sellers

Bathroom Remodel
Re-caulk the tub. Use a softener (such as Caulk-be-Gone) to get rid of the old caulk. For a cost of 300 to 400 dollars, re glaze your tub for a like new finish. I also suggest updating the fixtures: faucets, shower head, towel bars, toilet paper bar and lights. If you can afford: buy a neutral bathroom set (towels, toothbrush holder, shower curtain, soap dish etc. More importantly you can take them with you when you move. Remove all carpeting from the floors. This includes the rugs.

Sod costs about 30 to 35 cents per square foot. Sod adds great curb appeal to your home. It is an investment that you will see return on. Keep the bushes neatly trimmed. Cut the grass, pull the weeds, and buy some potted plants (you can take them with you!). Remove any unnecessary items from your yard. Trash, debris, toys, leaves, cigarette butts, etc. should all be removed. For further information contact your local nursery. Ask for a free consultation.

Kitchen Remodel
According to a minor kitchen remodel costs about $15,000. This covers 30 feet of re-facing cabinets and drawers, a new wall oven, stove, sink and fixtures, laminate counters and flooring. Consult with your Realtor to decide what your kitchen needs. Update your kitchen according to your location and value. The price range of homes in your neighborhood is a good indication of the return you will see on this investment. If all the neighbors have trendy updates you should consider doing the same. If most homeowners have laminate countertops, don’t add expensive granite or corian. If your budget allows, add a backsplash to wow potential Buyers . 
If your home was painted before 1978 test for lead before sanding or scraping. Coordinate your outside colors well. Fresh paint that is not neutral will make for a poor investment. Verify your color selection with your HOA first. A gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet. Don’t buy too much paint. Save the formula for the next homeowner to allow them to match it for any needed future touch up. Painter’s normally will provide free estimates, so shop around, but don’t base your decision entirely on price.  
Windows and Window Treatments
Replacing windows in hot climates doesn’t always payoff. Instead have your windows professionally cleaned. Invest in sunscreens. Add inexpensive window treatments like faux wood blinds. Home Depot cuts them horizontally to fit your window and you can adjust them vertically. No need to spend a lot of money on custom blinds. You can use PVC pipe to create inexpensive curtain rods. Curtains should be neutral and decorative. If your Realtor informs you that your curtains are not neutral change them. It doesn’t mean you have poor taste.  It just means they won’t appeal to the majority.
The Bedroom
One tip for your bedroom is to replace the ceiling fan or old light fixture with a romantic chandelier. When sizing a chandelier: room width + room length in feet = Chandelier in inches. Paint the walls neutral colors. Blues and browns are relaxing colors. If there is carpet in your master bathroom sink area remove it! Carpet in bathrooms is a major turn off. 
Add square footage to your home
Remove clutter. If you don’t need it put it in storage! Storage units are not expensive. Services such as Pods will bring the storage unit to your home and you can take as long as you need to load it. If you have a lot of furniture and will be moving to a larger home storage is the perfect solution. However, if you are downsizing a yard sale might be the answer. Big bulky pieces of furniture should always be removed. You want to show off the square footage of your home not hide it. Living rooms should not be used as gyms or offices. If you make additions to your home obtain permits. Buyer’s will expect to see permits.
Living Room Decor
Inexpensive upgrades will boost your living room above the competition. Add crown molding to complement window trim and flooring. To add color and diversity add a few live plants. Choose a neutral paint color and avoid accent walls. Make the fire place a focal point not the television. Remove oversized chairs! Avoid large coffee tables. Sofa tables are a good place to set candles and drinks. If you need new furniture now is the best time to buy it. It will boost your living rooms appeal and you can take it with you. Have popcorn ceilings tested for asbestos prior to removal. Find an accredited asbestos lab. I recommend removing all popcorn ceilings prior to marketing your home.

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